openid.ui.mode for embedded devices

Allen Tom atom at
Thu Feb 11 01:10:44 UTC 2010

Hi Hitoshi,

Yes, the idea behind the openid.ui.mode parameter was to define a way for
the RP to request that the OP alternate user interfaces than the default.

The only mode that we've defined so far is the popup mode, and it's been
implemented by Yahoo/Google/AOL/MySpace.

We definitely are interested in defining modes for clients other than
desktop web browsers, especially for mobile devices, set-top boxes
(Playstation/X-box/DVD Players), and other embedded devices.

Is that what you had in mind?

At least with regards to mobile devices, it turns out that the 500x500 popup
mode seems to work very well for iPhones and similar mobile clients.


On 2/5/10 10:13 AM, "Hitoshi Uchida" <hitoshi.uchida at> wrote:

> Dear all,
> Concerning 'openid.ui.mode', do you have a plan to support more mode ?
> Though UI extension spec describes 'popup'
> and for instance Google Federated Login API also supports currently,
> even if embedded devices would like to use OpenID/OAuth,
> they need web browser to show the html login page against users.
> So, if the provider side supports, for instance, 'openid.ui.mode=svg',
> embedded devices supporting SVG renderer can use OpenID/OAuth to
> access protected resources securely.
> In another way, maybe it could be done by sending
> 'Accept : image/svg+xml' header from UA.
> Anyway, if UI extension spec and real provider services supports more mode,
> OpenID/OAuth would be used in more various use case;
> especially embedded devices.
>  So, I would like to discuss about this topic in this mailing list.

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