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Dan Brickley danbri at
Sun May 3 10:34:04 UTC 2009

On 2/5/09 23:08, Kevin Marks wrote:
> Well, OpenSocial actually covers all the areas in the stack, as it uses
> the existing standards where they operate rather than gratuitously
> reinventing. I heard a speaker on the w3c widgets at google the other
> day who had never seen the Gadgets spec, and said that w3c widgets did
> not consider security or localisation, both of which are well-covered by
> Gadgets.
> Where is the w3c widgets traction in mobile? My impression was that
> either mobile-focused websites or native apps (iPhone, Android etc) were
> the areas with traction there - I'd love to find out more.

My intent wasn't to beat up on OpenSocial, just to suggest that there 
are multiple legitimate, useful etc approaches at each layer of the 
"stack". The W3C spec is getting reasonable love from at least Vodafone 
(eg, Nokia and Opera (who are more of a player 
in Mobile than Desktop), it has various building blocks coming along 
(like signing). I don't know status of localisation beyond but I know the topic 
is of importance to many in the group.

I would love to see more convergence between this work and the great 
stuff happening around OpenSocial, OAuth etc., and never fail to mention 
this in a W3C context whenever widgets/social gets a mention. But again, 
that wasn't my point. Just that what we have here in this pile of 
inter-related, somewhat-overlapping, somewhat inter-dependent specs has 
more the shape of a Web than a stack...



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