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Not sure about the term "People". Is that an accurate generalization? I've
been struggled with this myself as I have always had abit of a problem with
the use of "Contacts" in Portable Contacts.

Also, not sure if this is supposed to be a final version, but the vertical
alignment of the text is off by a few pixels between items on the left and
the right.


On Sat, May 2, 2009 at 1:16 PM, Marc Canter <marc at>wrote:

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> [Source files attached]
> I'm working on draft 6 of my manifesto so I needed an updated version of
> teh Open Stack chart. This version started with me, Luke and McCrea in Vegas
> and went on from there.............
> it attempts to describe WHAT each layer of the stack is.  We've added
> Activity Streams and swapper XRD with OpenID for more technical correctness.
> And I've adhered to the look and feel standard established prior.
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