MySpace OpenID Popup spotted in the wild

James A. Donald jamesd at
Sat May 2 03:26:27 UTC 2009

David Christiansen wrote:
> Tell me, how do we permanently avoid the pitfalls experienced back in the day
> (a couple of years ago) where pop-up blockers got in the way of
> every attempt to honestly launch a browser window from javascript. I know
> there are 'work around' to bypass pop-up blockers, but they only work until
> the pop-up blockers are updated. I guess this is why 'inline' windows became
> so popular.

Digressing, browsers need a way to launch an honest popup - a link that 
that will pop up a new window if and only if the user clicks on it. 
Clicking the link launches the window, then the javascript associated 
with the link populates the window - but cannot launch the window.

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