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On Thu, Jan 22, 2009 at 5:25 AM, George Fletcher <gffletch at> wrote:

> Curious as to how you pass the verified email address using SREG (since the
> spec doesn't allow for this). Do you just assume that if the RP asks for the
> that the RP want's the verified email address and the user
> has no choice about supplying a different email address?
> I know for me, that depending on the site I'm logging into with my OpenID,
> I might not want to use the verified email address attached to the OpenID. I
> tend to use different email addresses for different purposes, and forcing me
> to use the verified email address on my OpenID would "pollute" that
> separation I'm trying to maintain:)
> That said, I'm all for supporting verified email in SREG, I think we just
> need an extension so that the RP can specify specifically whether it wants a
> user selected email address? or the OP verified email address for the user.

That's hopefully coming in AX 2.0.

> Thanks,
> George
> Sabari Devadoss wrote:
>> Perhaps email is something that you have to have in order to sign up
>>> and access sites, but I'm not sure, again, that that's true for all
>>> audiences. I think more research is necessary in this area, and in
>>> specific applications.
>>> Chris
>> If the OP passes a verified email address via sreg or A/X then the RP can
>> store this information and use it for AR purposes in cases where the user
>> has forgotten the identifier used to log into the RP.  One caveat is that
>> the email being passed by the OP should be a verified email address.   As
>> part of the sreg testing currently underway at Yahoo! we pass the Yahoo!
>> email address attached to the identifier which requires no additional email
>> verification step on the RP's part.
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