Problem using delegated identity

Ahmad Gharbeia gharbeia at
Wed Jan 21 21:44:08 UTC 2009


I'm having trouble using delegated OpenID identity with some, but not
all, of the websites which claim to support OpenID.

I'm unable to log in to nor with my
delegated OpenID [], which I use to log in to many
other sites, including and many others.

Needless to say, I can log-in, if I enter the delegated provider's URI
directly, so it seems to be a problem in my delegation code, or these
consumers are unable to handle delegates.

I thought it was a v2.0 vs v1.1 issue so I changed the delegate
announcement to another which is 1.1 only, but still I get:
"failed for the OpenID you entered" for the first, and "Authentication
error; not a valid OpenID." for the second.

I tried several identity providers as delegates.

I'm unable to use with some other services as well, like
and, both of which seems to be using the same log-in applet

Any insights?


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