Again: What's the good in OpenID for me?

Márcio Vinícius Pinheiro marcioviniciusmp at
Fri Jan 9 15:04:57 UTC 2009

After all you said, I must say:

I'm sorry, I can't believe that OpenID will ever work as "a free and easy
way to use a single digital identity across the Internet".
Somebody says I have to convince Yahoo to accept my Blogger-OpenID. It must
be a joke.

This politics is very wrong. While OpenID Foundation, who let Yahoo use
OpenID technology, couldn't convince him, do you think the USER have to to
do it? What kind of license Yahoo has to be a provider? what's their
obligations? If this license says something like "hey, use our technology as
you want", then they will. And there's nothing we can do in order to make
them use it as WE think is better. Maybe THEY don't know what's the good in
let someone else's openID log in their servers (I, myself, don't see one).

This way, OpenID won't never work! Every site wants to be provider and don't
let user use authentication from the site of his choosing. I don't care
about their motivations, they must have a fair one. What I care is now I
have several OpenIDs from several different sites. I have Blogger, Yahoo,
Google, Launchpad... None of them let me use the ID I chose. In the end, the
only good for end-users doesn't work.

Another thing: is oriented to end-users. And it makes user think everything
works as magic. It said there: "How do I get an OpenID? Surprise! You may
already have one. If you use any of the following services, you already have
your own OpenID." NO, I have several of them, how should I handle them???

The site (barely) says how I get an OpenID, but it doesn't say how to use
it. From both only one: either this site become an provider-oriented site,
either it tries to talk end-user's language.

I.E. I still didn't understand the use of an URL (like my blog address) as
an ID. Wasn't it about username/password? I can't understand because I
couldn't find this information there.

I don't believe this promise (OpenID eliminates the need for multiple
usernames across different websites) can be truth as things have been
taken... OpenID Foundation should teach site's maintainers how to better
take advantage from OpenID technology before try to evangelize end-users. I
see no good in OpenID for me, untill sites let me choose the ID I want (as says I can).

1- The solution is good, but it is far from optimal. I still have
to make one more username/password based account, but at least after this it
let me "merge" my openID with their account.

2- Maintainers of OpenID should carefully read this:

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