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That's a nice idea! Couple things and little nits if you want feedback  
(I think you did):

* You aren't letting people Create an Account in this UI - so  
shouldn't the title really be "Log in using your Open ID"
* I'm thinking Log in is probably more universal than Sign in but not  
sure (not used to seeing either one hyphenated)
* I would try to make all the other logos disappear once a provider is  
selected and make the text label read something like "Enter your  
Google Open ID"
* Partly why I suggest the above is that if this UI comes up near the  
bottom of a browser window and the entire box is not visible in the  
browser, it's possible the exposed text input field would not be  
"seen" to have dropped down. By removing the "noise" (the non- 
essential logos/icons) after selection, you help tell solve this  
scroll issue potentially, and clear out non-essential UI.
* Also - given you have to signup for an Open ID (if I recall), what  
is the point of trying to mask that (e.g "users don't have to know  
what Open ID is")? I only use mine for Basecamp's product via AOL but  
pretty sure I had to sign up for it...even though I had an AOL  
handle...having the word Open ID is a definte scent word for me - I  
look for that on sites before I sign up. If it was hidden...
* I am assuming the intent here wasn't to facilitate creation of your  
open ID account (on the provider of choice) but indeed, to log in to  
the right provider.

Anyhow, it is a nice idea! I like that it's jQuery too which seems to  
be the most popular JS library these days.


Brian O'Neill
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> Thought I'd pass this along. I'm not convinced that this is the way  
> to do
> OpenID long term but I guess it'll work for now (until we develop  
> something
> better than a series of popular US-centric OpenID provider icons):
> Chris
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