featuritis for existing form handlers (was: Sorting fields in signature generation)

Dick Hardt dick at sxip.com
Sat Sep 30 23:16:23 UTC 2006

On 28-Sep-06, at 2:57 PM, Josh Hoyt wrote:

> On 9/27/06, Dick Hardt <dick at sxip.com> wrote:
>> Additionally, as we have researched what is contained in registration
>> forms, this use case does not look like it will be that common. Many
>> forms have some site specific data, and I am now thinking that this
>> is not a very useful feature.
> I'm glad that we're in agreement on this.


>> wrt. passthrough data
>> Many sites preserve state between forms with hidden values. Given
>> that registration on a site will likely ask the user for some site
>> specific data, some sites will likely be maintaining state through
>> hidden fields, and it will be easier for them to integrate OpenID if
>> the RP can send values that it gets back later on. Given this is not
>> explicitly in the spec, we can write it up. Would welcome feedback on
>> passthrough data.
> This model is only necessary for sites that do not support  
> sessions, right?

Depends on what you mean by sessions. High availability sites work  
hard to be stateless and that all state is in each request, either as  
a cookie, in the URL or as POST data.

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