Request for comments: Sorting fields in signature generation

Barry Ferg barry at
Wed Sep 27 16:55:16 UTC 2006

Johannes, if as you say "many people do this kind of thing in many  
circumstances", why limit their ability to do so in this  
circumstance?  This proposal doesn't _force_ anyone to us multiple  
parameters with the same name.  I'm in favour of keeping the  
specification flexible by not imposing unnecessary restrictions on  
future extensions to the protocol.

For that matter, isn't having implementation issues in certain  
restrictive development environments drive the specification kind of  
like the tail wagging the dog?

On 26-Sep-06, at 4:44 PM, Johannes Ernst wrote:

> On Sep 26, 2006, at 16:13, Josh Hoyt wrote:
>> I think the real topic of this discussion is whether or not multiple
>> parameters with the same name should be allowed by the specification.
> I'd support the motion of not doing that.
> I realize many people do this kind of thing in many circumstances,  
> but in my experience, it always turns out to be more trouble than  
> it's worth.

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