Request for comments: Sorting fields in signature generation

David Fuelling sappenin at
Wed Sep 27 14:43:36 UTC 2006

Just for clarification -- if duplicate parameters of the same name are NOT
allowed by the spec, would one still be able to encode multiple values in
the same key/value pair?  Wouldn't this accomplish the same result as
allowing duplicate key names?

Not sure if this would be a bad idea, or not, but something like the
following that separates the two error messages using a semi-colon (or some
other character), and utilizes an escape character if a semi-colon is
actually part of the message:

Key     | Value
mode    | error
error   | This\; is error message1;This is error message2.

I'm not convinced this is the way to go, but something to consider, perhaps?


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> I think the real topic of this discussion is whether or not multiple
> parameters with the same name should be allowed by the specification.

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