Announcing OpenID Attribute Properties Draft 1

Dick Hardt dick at
Mon Sep 25 22:13:39 UTC 2006

On 25-Sep-06, at 2:59 PM, Johannes Ernst wrote:

> I thought we had consensus that Drummond and I owned the  
> vocabularies/ontologies/schema/whatever-we-call-it action item?


> We've come up with something rather beautiful (I think ;-)) that  
> avoids a gap between XDI, LID and DIX (or whatever the latter is  
> called these days) while not re-inventing the vocabulary wheel as  
> you seem to be proposing.

open to other suggestions

> I'm surprised that you are submitting this draft today because I  
> believe it had been 1) Sxip's view that we don't need a minimal  
> vocabulary for OpenID 2.0 at all, and 2)  it had been the consensus  
> at our in-person meeting the day before DIDW that this action item  
> was owned by Drummond and me.

nope, we had consensus that you two were going to work with me on  
it ... happy to hear feedback on what we proposed

> To quote from the meeting notes:
>> * Johannes and Drummond volunteered to start working on a vocabulary
>> document for attribute exchange.  Dick: do you have something for  
>> them to
>> look at for this?

and I posted that we (Sxip) were working on that

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