Authentication 2.0 Draft 9

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Great. I'm comfortable with it any way you and David and the other active
editors want to manage it. I always prefer providing access to a wiki rather
than not because it makes it easy to go in and make small updates and change
errors even if the major lifting is handled by a set of wiki gardeners who
are intimately involved.

I'll just wait for posts by whomeever is managing the wiki about how they'd
like to proceed.


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I don't have privs to edit the specs.bml page,  I know that David is 
working on reorganizing the site, and possibly changing wiki software ?  
I have no problems linking it anywhere, I originally added it to the 
openid wiki home page ( ), and to 
svn.    The svn copy should go away if the wiki copy gets maintained.

I'm happy with anyone adding value to the document.   99% of the content 
came from a document Josh Hoyt put together earlier.   Anyone can get 
access (I believe) at .


Drummond Reed wrote:
> Larry,
> These documents -- and having them on a wiki -- are extremely helpful. The
> OASIS XRI and XDI TCs manage pretty much all their work using the OASIS
> and it works like a dream.
> A few questions/suggestions:
> 1) I don't see the links you provided below appearing on the
> anywhere. IMHO it would be good to put them on the Specs page
> ( Then that one page would serve as a link to
> all current OpenID specs, plus all planned specs (highly desirable).
> 2) Wikis make it easy for multiple authors to write to these pages, which
> especially helpful for issue/proposal pages. But it's not yet clear
> 	a) You prefer just spec editors doing wiki editing, in which case
> the pages should direct anyone who wants to provide input to use the
> lists or contact an editor, or
> 	b) You want other contributors to have direct access, in which case
> it's not clear how you get an account on this wiki.
> Thoughts?
> =Drummond 
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> All,
> I have added a document to the wiki listing the spec changes from 1.x.  
>  .
> A list of proposed changes is is also on the wiki at 
> .   Dick has several 
> proposals that he will be adding shortly.
> The goal is to get all pending ideas out on the table, vet, debate,  
> vote,  and get the 2.0 spec finalized this month.
> larry-
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