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Johannes Ernst at
Wed Sep 20 19:41:21 UTC 2006

> Dick's right that if high-assurance SSL certs that CardSpace is  
> planning to
> use (see 
> faq.asp)
> get traction, OpenID IdPs should be able to take advantage of them.  
> But
> there is no standard yet, and none have been issued, so any  
> solutions in the
> OpenID 2.0 timeframe will need to use other methods.

Am I the only one who'd think that a decentralized identity system  
should not depend on some central authority's validation of  
somebody's identity? (whether expressed as a signature on logos or  
whatever ...)

Note that I didn't say "cannot use", but "should not depend on",  
protocol-wise or de-facto.

Johannes Ernst
NetMesh Inc.

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