[Openid-specs-mobile-profile] CIBA is there ONE notification endpoint or a list

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Fri Nov 25 11:51:54 UTC 2016

Hi all,

the consensus in Paris was (1).

Best regards,

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Betreff: [Openid-specs-mobile-profile] CIBA is there ONE notification endpoint or a list

Hi all,

Is there consensus that

1)      ONE client notification endpoint is specified at registration time and that client_notification_endpoint is never part of the Authorization Request?

2)      there a list of client notification endpoints specified at registration time and the Authentication Request can pick one from this list?

Or are there other options? There was discussion at the Paris meeting it seems…


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I did the easy changes after your review this morning. Thanks for the review.

I am going to discuss the rest with Gonza at 14:00 today Berlin-time  in a WebEx.
If somebody wants to join please see the details below.


Please join the webex first then call in and use your id to connect web and telephone

Meeting ID: 708 957 697

Meeting Password: a9n76weJ

Austria: 0043-57057-8910

Belgium: 0032-24019155

Brazil: 0055-11-2184-2423

Croatia: 00385-1491-8888

Czech-Republic: 00420-236-040-405

France: 0033-1851-48187

Greece: 0030-21-0-611-2600

Hungary-mobile: 0036-30-745-8493

Hungary-landline: 0036-1-381-8493

India: 0091-1800-2002772

Macedonia: 00389-2324-2047

Malaysia: 00603-8313-3232

Mexico: 0052-222-223-4567

Montenegro: 00382-2043-3796

Netherlands: 0031-45-7111001

Poland: 0048-22-413-7777

Romania: 0040-21-400-6230

Singapore: 0065-65106288

Slovakia-mobile: 00421-55-785-5555

South-Africa: 0027-10-5009260

Spain: 0034-93-4456000

UK: 0044-20-71086254

USA-Downers-Grove: 001-630-4936788

USA-New-York: 001-212-3016028

USA-Tempe: 001-480-4777017
USA-Troy: 001-248-2763424

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Subject: [Openid-specs-mobile-profile] CIBA Review

Hi All,

I reviewed the current CIBA specification. Attached are my detailed comments.

The main points I'd like to highlight are the following :

- It would be very useful to get a dedicated chapter detailing explicitely the Use Cases for which CIBA specification should be used. We did this in UQ spec and I think it is important to have the same thing in CIBA in order to be able to identify clearly the similarities and differences between UQ and CIBA. These chapter would be useful for RP to choose which spec they need for their Use Cases !

- The (re)introduction of the "context" parameter is ambiguous for me and furthermore with a "required" flag . Why (or in which Use Case - see previous remark) do you need to introduce this parameter ? Do You have examples in mind as "context" value ?

- There are a lot of references to OAuth 2.0 or OpenID Connect Core specs but in several context, nothing similar exist in both specs. For example (but it is just one example), the way to push notification in case of error is completely new so it seems to be difficult to refer to OAuth and OpenID Connect specs.

- In my understanding, we agreed in Paris that the client_notification_endpoint would be preregistered and consequently not transmitted as a parameter in the first request.

Looking forward to having your comments on these remarks,

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MARAIS Charles
Orange Labs Lannion
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charles.marais at orange.com<mailto:charles.marais at orange.com>
Orange Labs Lannion
2, avenue Pierre Marzin
22307 LANNION Cedex - France


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