[Openid-specs-fapi] Starting the WGLC for FAPI Part 2

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Sat May 6 19:27:20 UTC 2017

This is a Working Group Last Call for a proposed Implementer’s Draft vote – not for a Final Specification vote – correct?

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Subject: [Openid-specs-fapi] Starting the WGLC for FAPI Part 2


I am happy to inform you that we are starting the one-week WG last call
for FAPI Part 2.
The URL is

The normative content has been stable for more than a month except the
introduction of new clause 7, Request object registration endpoint.
Please review at your earliest convenience and file issues if there are.

If there is no sustainable objection, I will take it as a consensus and
submit it to the OIDF secretary to start the all member ballot.


Nat Sakimura
Research Fellow, Nomura Research Institute
Chairman of the Board, OpenID Foundation
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