[OpenID-Specs-eKYC-IDA] eID onsite reading

Axel.Nennker at telekom.de Axel.Nennker at telekom.de
Thu Nov 26 15:34:21 UTC 2020


in Germany there is a method for electronically reading the eID (idcard) and the resident permit (de_erp) using a number (CAN) printed on the front of the document.
The German word for this method is “Vorortauslesen”.

Agencies who want to offer this onsite reading need to apply for a certificate to be able to use this method.

I think this method is missing here:

Whether the agent has to perform other checks e.g. whether the picture matches the person presenting the document is outside the scope of this method.

I suggest to add this method to our list of supported methods



<td><a class="ap-connect-link" href="https://openid.net/verification_method/onsite<view-source:https://openid.net/verification_method/onsite>" rel="nofollow">https://openid.net/verification_method/onsite></a> </td

<td>Electronically onsite reading the document’s chip using an authorization certificate and card access number<td>


Kind regards

Hi Sascha!

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Hi all!

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