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Dear eKYC and Identity Assurance WG

Re: Brief review of external Orgs & Events

The International Institute of Finance is collaborating with the OpenID Foundation, member firms, officials and various other entities to support the Open Digital Trust initiative, an interoperable and open standards development with the objectives of introducing foundational trust into the global digital economy. It aims to create a vibrant marketplace for Digital Trust services which help individuals and entities to confirm identity and understand and manage risk. Specific workstreams have been mobilized (each with their respective working groups), with the IIF leading on policy development and the OpenID Foundation leading on technical standards.

	• Technical Standards: Two OpenID Foundation Work groups are developing updated standards by 2021.The eKYC and Identity Assurance WG and Financial-Grade APIs will provide updates regarding finalization of standards via the implementers draft process. This is provide International Institute of Finance members to opportunity to provide input and support for the global adoption of the open standards. As an example the Amin Talaat of the Commercial International Bank in Cairo has expressed interest in assisting in this effort. For background, the CIB is a leader in their region in the identity space, and their Chairman is especially passionate on the opportunities to leverage these technologies for a range of benefits including greater financial inclusion (their Chairman spoke on this topic in the IIF Digital Identity Roundtable in Washington last year). Amin was the lead author on International Institute of Finance series of Digital Identity White Papers.

	• Policy initiative: will develop policy recommendations, requirements, and guidance for both public and private stake holders in support the project’s wider objectives. Publishing target Q4’2020. 

Mark Haine and I will be providing the update to the Open Digital Trust initiative in the next few weeks

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Hi All,
Here is the suggested agenda for today’s WG:
	• Brief review of external Orgs & Events
		• EC Consultation
		• Any others?
	• Agenda Items
		• Move core of EKYC&IDA to Final specification
		• Complementary Security Specs – Issue #1154
		• Conditional Expression Language next steps
		• Legal entities next steps
		• Any other discussion points
	• PRs & Issues
		• PR #35 and #36
		• Any Issues that attendees want to focus on?
		• Work through other open issues 
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