[Openid-specs-ab] First OIDC federation interop event

Roland Hedberg roland at catalogix.se
Sun Feb 23 16:41:53 UTC 2020


I’d just like to tell you all that we will run an OIDC Federation interoperability event in Brighton,UK Thursday June 11.

Right now, I have 3 different implementations registered to participate.

If you have an implementation, or think you may have one in time for the event and are not on the list (you know if you are) 
then please let me know if you could consider participating.

I know that travelling to England might be a long and expensive trip depending on where you live so if someone wants to participate 
but can not appear in person in Brighton we will try to organise something that can make participating over the Internet

This is the first in a series of interoperability events, we plan to do a couple more this year, at least one of them will be in the US.

— Roland
Scratch a pessimist and you find often a defender of privilege. -William Beveridge, economist and reformer (5 Mar 1879-1963) 

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