[Openid-specs-ab] Issue #1025: Ambiguity with how nonce is handled on refresh (openid/connect)

William Denniss issues-reply at bitbucket.org
Sat Apr 21 06:29:01 UTC 2018

New issue 1025: Ambiguity with how nonce is handled on refresh

William Denniss:

Currently the OpenID Specification in section [12.2]( documents how the ID Token processing differs when the ID Token is received during refresh.

'nonce' is not listed as one of the modified behaviors, thus the reader may think it falls under the catch all "otherwise, the same rules apply as apply when issuing an ID Token at the time of the original authentication."

However, most token endpoints only return the 'nonce' in the ID Token issued in response to the authorization_code grant type (which makes sense).

The definition of nonce in Section 2 clearly associates it with the Authorization Request but it may leave some ambiguity along the lines of "do the nonce rules apply to the refresh_token token response when the authorization request had a 'nonce'?". This is actually true for several of the other claims, so a reader may assume it to be also true for `nonce`.

We should explicitly document in section 12.2 that 'nonce' is not expected to be present in ID Tokens returned for the refresh_token grant type.

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