[Openid-specs-ab] OpenID Connect: get the message out

Mike Schwartz mike at gluu.org
Fri Dec 9 00:46:17 UTC 2016

Here are my suggestions to get the message out:

1) A more concerted effort of to explain technical stuff:
   a. How OpenID Connect compliments OAuth2.
   b. OpenID 2.0 is deprecated (yes, most people still don't get it)
   c. How AppAuth addresses mobile authenication
   d. A concerted effort to get RP's to support Connect
   e. More focus on positioning Connect as a replacement for SAML
   f. Actual help to open source projects that provide standard connect 
      third party review, and third party certification guidance.
   g. More technical guides like the implementers guide
   h. More sample applications
   i. More case studies
   j. Better introductions written for newbies
   k. Howto videos
   l. Free OpenID Connect training like coursera, etc.
   m. Techinical interviews with the authors to provide the insights into 
design decisions.
   n. More explanations how to support the dynamic features of OpenID 
   o. Submission of OpenID Connect related talks to a broader range of 
conferences--not just identity conferences.
   p. Weekly podcasts
   q. More active promotion in social media
   r. Certifications, maybe use open badges
   s. Incentives for creating local evangalists
   t. Reconition for OpenID Connect developers
   u. Showcase of OpenID Connect products
   v. Review site for OpenID Connect software
   w. "Powered by" logos for sites that use OpenID Connect

2) Leveraging the big companies behind OIDF
   a. Microsoft, Google, Verizon, etc. have PR departments that could 
help get the word out.
   b. Blogs and other content related to why OpenID Connect is important
   c. Adoption of OpenID internally
   d. Promotion of OpenID within their partner network
   e. Sponsored OpenID hackathons

3) Website
   a. More clear messaging on the http://openid.net website--it's too 
   b. Tactical organic SEO activities
   c. Maybe some small pay-per-click advertising

In other words, I think the OIDF could be doing a lot more. And this 
doesn't have to cost a lot more in marketing dollars. What we need is 
more coordinated leadership, and perhaps just a little tactical funding.

I think the focus needs to shift away from conformance testing. Is it 
driving adoption? If so, can we measure it? If not, how do we know it's 
worth the investment?

- Mike Schwartz

On 2016-12-08 15:23, Mike Jones wrote:
> Your note "Blog: OAuth vs. SAML vs. OpenID Connect" showed up.  Thanks
> a bunch for bringing this to our attention.  I wonder how we can best
> get the message out...
> 				-- Mike Jones

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