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Apps need to register sector_identfier_uris from distinct domains if they want distinct pairwise ids as "the host component of that URL is used as the Sector Identifier for the pairwise identifier calculation" [OIDC core §8.1]. The apps can have redirect_uris hosted on the same site (eg https://example.com/app1/, https://example.com/app2/), but their sector_identfier_uris need to point to different sites (eg https://app1.example.com, https://app2.example.com) to get different ids.

Pairwise ids are per domain. Registering a sector_identifier_uri just allows an app to get ids associated with a domain that is different from the domain in the app's redirect_uri.

James Manger

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In the Gluu Server we just implemented interfaces to make it easier for domain admins to publish sector_identifier_uri's. How could a single sector_identifier_uri work if you have multiple partners which you want to issue distinct pairwise identifiers?

- Mike

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