[Openid-specs-ab] "claims" in the Client Registration Spec?

Torsten Lodderstedt torsten at lodderstedt.net
Fri Aug 14 19:24:03 UTC 2015

Hi George, 

the central authority will certainly sign the statement. 

kind regards, 

Am 13. August 2015 23:33:52 WESZ, schrieb George Fletcher <gffletch at aol.com>:
>Thanks for the background Torsten! That makes sense.
>It still seems to me that if the claims are authorized by the central 
>entity, then they need to be "signed" by the central entity so that the
>OP knows the RP didn't just put whatever they want in the list. As 
>"trust frameworks" mature, I think this will be a more common use case.
>On 8/13/15 4:36 PM, Torsten Lodderstedt wrote:
>> Hi Georg,
>> our assumption in MODRNA/Mobile Connect is that developers/partners 
>> register with a certain mobile operator or a central entity (provided
>> by GSMA) and gets access to a number of OPs (provided by different 
>> mobile operators). Given this assumptions, an OP belonging to this 
>> ecosystem will trust software statements issued by the respective 
>> entities. So OPs effectively outsource partner validation and 
>> approval. This will require common standards agreed among all members
>> of the ecosystem.
>> kind regards,
>> Torsten.
>> Am 13. August 2015 12:20:55 MESZ, schrieb George Fletcher 
>> <gffletch at aol.com>:
>>     Agreed it's a different container... but to me the semantics of
>>     the container matter. The software statement is likely signed by
>>     third party while the registration parameters (while maybe
>>     are kind of "self asserted". As an AS, what I really need to know
>>     is "who" is making the request and then base the entitled claims
>>     on that more so than what's presented.
>>     Would you want to delegate to a partner the ability for them to
>>     specify which claims their clients can obtain without any
>>     "oversight" from the AS perspective?
>>     Thanks,
>>     George
>>     On 8/12/15 2:37 PM, Torsten Lodderstedt wrote:
>>>     I don't distinguish claims in the registration request and in
>>>     software statement. It's just a different "container".
>>>     Am 12.08.2015 um 20:32 schrieb George Fletcher:
>>>>     If these are claims the RP is entitled to receive, how does the
>>>>     AS verify that claim? Shouldn't that data be in the Software
>>>>     Statement rather than in the client reg parameters? I'm
>>>>     missing something :)
>>>>     Thanks,
>>>>     George
>>>>     On 8/12/15 2:19 PM, Torsten Lodderstedt wrote:
>>>>>     good point. I would assume this is the list of claims the RP
>>>>>     entitled to get access to. I think it doesn't matter whether
>>>>>     the RP asks for the claim via scopes or claims parameter.
>>>>>     Entitlement is given by the authority, which issued the
>>>>>     software statement, the RP wants to register with.
>>>>>     Am 12.08.2015 um 01:07 schrieb John Bradley:
>>>>>>     So these wold be default claims, or a filter that prevents
>>>>>>     more than the listed claims from coming back.
>>>>>>     How do you see this interacting with scopes?
>>>>>>>     On Aug 11, 2015, at 8:32 AM, Torsten Lodderstedt
>>>>>>>     <torsten at lodderstedt.net> wrote:
>>>>>>>     Hi Mike,
>>>>>>>     as you are in the process of producing eratas of the OIDC
>>>>>>>     specs, I would like to raise a question regarding client
>>>>>>>     registration we came up with in the MODRNA WG. Right now,
>>>>>>>     RP may restrict itself to certain grant and response types.
>>>>>>>     We see the need to do the same for claims. Would you
>>>>>>>     it a reasonable enhancement of the Client Registration spec
>>>>>>>     to add something like "claims" to the registration spec? I
>>>>>>>     consider it complementary to "claims_supported" as specified
>>>>>>>     in the discovery spec.
>>>>>>>     kind regards,
>>>>>>>     Torsten.
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