[Openid-specs-ab] Proposal for additional "display" parameter value

Justin Richer jricher at MIT.EDU
Thu Aug 13 19:35:23 UTC 2015

I’ve been talking with a new implementor group and they’ve brought up a use case for the RP to signal to the IdP that it would like the IdP to bust out of an IFrame. This is almost analogous to “display=popup”, but with taking over the main window instead of opening up a new window. A “display=page” value would likely only take over the IFrame, leaving the surrounding site. 

I’ve already proposed to them that they should be using traditional frame-busting techniques, but there are apparently some limitations to what they can do here. 

So my question to the group is: does this warrant a new “display” value? If so, how do they define that beyond their service documentation? If not, which of the existing values makes the most sense?

Side note: Our server dutifully ignores the “display” value, so I don’t have direct experience in dealing with this.

 — Justin

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