[Openid-specs-ab] Spec call notes 16-Mar-15

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Mon Mar 16 23:43:20 UTC 2015

Spec call notes 16-Mar-15

Nat Sakimura
Brian Campbell
Edmund Jay
Justin Richer
Mike Jones
John Bradley

                Using Connect at openid.net
                OpenID Workshop before IIW

                We are currently 4 days from trying to lock down the OP tests
                                After that, people can do testing for their actual certifications
                People are filing bugs
                                People should keep testing and filing any issues they find
                We need to decide on Thursday and maybe also Monday whether we're ready for test lockdown

                Policies after Lockdown
                                If we tell people that they can test and they appear to pass, they pass
                                We will tell people if they should retest if bugs are found, but it's not mandatory
                                After lockdown, the bug bar is that if a wrong result is being returned, we need to fix it
                                We may also fix trivial cosmetic bugs, such as spelling errors, etc. that don't change the program logic
                                We may want to collect a list of bugs that we're not fixing in the short term to document them

                http://openid.net/certification/ needs to be reviewed
                                We still need to produce closed-form instructions on what needs to be tested
                                You can pass with warnings

                Roland isn't working on the RP tests at present until the RP tests are locked down

                Apparently the Java 8 VM doesn't trust op.certification.openid.net even though the browser does
                                Justin will send instructions on doing this to the list

                We got a review of the logout spec from Jim des Rivieres on the list
                                They all seemed correct to Mike
                Back channel logout is still on John's plate
                                We may be able to reuse the logout_uri from the front channel logout spec

Using Connect at openid.net
                JanRain is telling their customers to switch from the Google to the Google+ button
                Darin Richardson of Refresh Media is looking into that for us this week
                If we get stuck, we could switch over to Google's GitKit

OpenID Workshop before IIW
                Nothing new to report
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