[Openid-specs-ab] FW: Errata to OpenID Connect Specifications Approved

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Sun Nov 9 19:30:40 UTC 2014

From: Mike Jones
Sent: Sunday, November 09, 2014 9:31 AM
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Subject: Errata to OpenID Connect Specifications Approved

Errata to the following specifications have been approved by a vote of the OpenID Foundation members:

*        OpenID Connect Core 1.0<http://openid.net/specs/openid-connect-core-1_0.html> - Defines the core OpenID Connect functionality: authentication built on top of OAuth 2.0 and the use of Claims to communicate information about the End-User

*        OpenID Connect Discovery 1.0<http://openid.net/specs/openid-connect-discovery-1_0.html> - Defines how Relying Parties dynamically discover information about OpenID Providers

*        OpenID Connect Dynamic Client Registration 1.0<http://openid.net/specs/openid-connect-registration-1_0.html> - Defines how Relying Parties dynamically register with OpenID Providers

An Errata version of a specification incorporates corrections identified after the Final Specification was published.

The voting results were:

*        Approve - 46 votes

*        Disapprove - 0 votes

*        Abstain - 0 votes

Total votes: 46 (out of 194 members = 24% > 20% quorum requirement)

The original final specification versions remain available at these locations:

*        http://openid.net/specs/openid-connect-core-1_0-final.html

*        http://openid.net/specs/openid-connect-discovery-1_0-final.html

*        http://openid.net/specs/openid-connect-registration-1_0-final.html

The specifications incorporating the errata are available at the standard locations and at these locations:

*        http://openid.net/specs/openid-connect-core-1_0-errata1.html

*        http://openid.net/specs/openid-connect-discovery-1_0-errata1.html

*        http://openid.net/specs/openid-connect-registration-1_0-errata1.html

-- Michael B. Jones - OpenID Foundation Board Secretary

(This notice has also been posted at http://openid.net/2014/11/09/errata-to-openid-connect-specifications-approved/.)

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