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None would be great if we can get the same output! :-)
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Just a question. The tool works equally well with ipr="none" as ipr="trust200902"?
Should we not use it instead?

Without respect to it, the proposed XML comment is:

NOTE on this XML File.

This XML file is a tool to produce the authoritative copy of OpenID Foundation spec.
The authoritative copy is the HTML, and the corresponding XML source is not authoritative.
The statement that ipr="none" is here only to satisfy the tool.
The IPR of this document is OpenID IPR Policy found at
and governed by OpenID Process found at
The directive private="..." is here only to satisfy the tool and desired HTML output.
This is a public OIDF document and not an individual private memo as private="..." indicates.

As to the new xml2rfc is concerned, I noticed several things, possibly bugs:

1. <?rfc private="draft"> does not give "draft" in the title header as in the old tool.
2. artwork in the old.html is produced in fixed-width font while new one does not so the diagrams gets broken. This is becasue pre was associated with courier-new in the old version while the new version has not.
3. The header is wider, and centered. It used to be narrower and left aligned.
4. The file name shows up below the title in the new version.
5. Title is centered instead of left aligned.
6. No links to get back to the TOC.
7. No <hr /> as the section separator.
8. hovering on the <xref> does not produce tool-tip showing the reference anymore.
9. <xref> used to produced bold red text so that it stood out. New one produces normal blue text only.
10. Section headers are now using bigger font.
11. <spanx style="verb"> used to produce <tt></tt> with font being courier-new while the new tool produces <samp></samp> without any associated style. IMHO, there should be an associated style sheet entry to samp with font:courier-new.



2014-08-12 9:15 GMT+09:00 Mike Jones <Michael.Jones at microsoft.com<mailto:Michael.Jones at microsoft.com>>:
Spec call notes 11-Aug-14

John Bradley
Mike Jones
Brian Campbell
Zhanna Tsitkov
Edmund Jay
George Fletcher
Nat Sakimura
Pamela Dingle

               OpenID 2.0 Migration Spec
               Open Issues
               Session Management

               Mike released versions with all the discussed errata edits applied
               We don't want to start a vote until several people have read the errata diffs and said that they're OK
               Mike requested volunteers to read the diffs
                              John volunteered
                              Brian volunteered
                              George volunteered
               After that we can decide if we're ready to proceed
               Nat requested that we record a concise description of the errata
                              We should make that available at the time we start the 45 day review

OpenID 2.0 Migration Spec
               Nat published an updated version with the technical changes but not all the editorial changes
               He expects to finish the editorial changes later this week
               We plan to decide whether to start the 45 day reviews of the errata and Migration on the next call

Open Issues
               #914 - Session 5 - Missing client_id parameter
                              We will close this as won't fix, as per the previous minutes
               #915 - Computation of OP session_state in the IdP requires origin URI
                              Discussions with Todd Lainhart on wording are ongoing
               #929 - Migration - Change jwks to iss for the response from openid2 identifier
                              This was addressed and reviewed and will be closed as fixed
               #934 - Migration - openid.realm description now bogus
                              We will proceed as proposed in the bug
               #935 - Migration - Wrong version of xml2rfc being used to render HTML? (by mbj)
                              Superseded by #945
               #937 - Migration - ed - 6. Verification of the authoritativeness of the Connect OP (mbj)
                              Nat and Mike will discuss wording for this one further offline
               #939 - Migration - Use AuthZEP instead of AuthzEP in the diagram (by mbj)
                              We will use AuthZ EP, etc.
               #940 - Migration - Disposition of the mbj comments on the Migration draft 03
                              The text will say that OpenID Connect is a new version of OpenID Authentication
                              The rest will be resolved as recorded in the Disposition of Comments document
               #941 - Migration - "iss/sub" is undefined
                              We will define OpenID Connect Identifier
                              On first use, we will repeat the definition in parenthesis
               #942 - Migration - (te) 7. openid.claimed_id is not a defined word
                              We will define OpenID 2.0 Identifier
               #943 - Core - XML metadata and directives problems
                              We will leave this as-is
               #944 - Migration - (te) 7. What is pointed by 'it' is anmiguous
                              We will address this as proposed in the comment
               #945 - Migration spec currently requires a non-standard version of xml2rfc
                              We agreed to build this spec using the standard old.html version of the tool
                              Nat will write text in an HTML comment saying that the ipr="trust200902" is just there to satisfy the tool and not an accurate statement

Session Management
               The released version fixes all these previously open issues:
               #930 - Session 4.2 - Define "error" return from OP iframe for syntax errors
               #927 - Added "state" parameter to RP-initiated logout messages
               #917 - Session state must not contain the space character

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