[Openid-specs-ab] Spec call notes 9-Jun-14

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Mon Jun 9 23:25:41 UTC 2014

Spec call notes 9-Jun-14

Mike Jones
Nat Sakimura
Edmund Jay

               Interop and Certification Work
               OpenID 2.0 Transition Spec
               Upcoming Events
               Open Issues

Interop and Certification Work
               Mike sent message "24 new interop feature tests defined" last week
               That covers the additional tests we discussed at IIW
               Mike will be syncing with Roland about code for these tests tomorrow
               People are encouraged to look at the tests and identify things that are missing
               You can do that at http://osis.idcommons.net/wiki/Category:OC5_Features
                              and at solution pages such as http://osis.idcommons.net/wiki/OC5:NRI_PHP
               Mike will send Nat updated interop slides

OpenID 2.0 Transition Spec
               Last week we discussed a need for examples
               Edmund has added some examples
               Nat has changed JWK to JWK Set, as discussed last week
               The text about error responses has been reorganized
               A Privacy Considerations section has been added
               Nat updated the OP verification text in Section 7
               Security Considerations about correlating the old and new issuer need to be added
               Implementation Considerations might be written about:
                              Bulk conversions
                              What to do after you turn off your OpenID 2.0 OP
               Nat still needs to get a review from the Googlers

Upcoming Events
               John wasn't on the call, so we don't have an update on the Sunday IETF 90 Toronto event
               He reported after the call that he's still working on getting confirmations

               There is an event in Japan called Interop next week
               Nat is going and will display info through NII about OpenID Connect interop

               People have talked about doing some interop work at the Cloud Identity Summit
               Mike will talk with Roland about this tomorrow

Open Issues
               #926 typo in 7.5. Self-Issued ID Token Validation
               Assigned to Mike to fix in the errata

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