[Openid-specs-ab] [Bitbucket] Issue #878: Messages Define "negative response" for id_token_hint (openid/connect)

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Thu Oct 24 06:18:26 UTC 2013

Servers should have the option to use the more specific error, when appropriate.

                                                            -- Mike

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Subject: Re: [Openid-specs-ab] [Bitbucket] Issue #878: Messages Define "negative response" for id_token_hint (openid/connect)

Why not just use the error "interaction required"? This seems appropriate to me since it is the common denominator for all errors you listed.

Mike Jones <Michael.Jones at microsoft.com<mailto:Michael.Jones at microsoft.com>> schrieb:
o   changed status to open<https://bitbucket.org/openid/connect/issues?status=open>

In his review, Brian Campbell pointed out that errors other than login_required are likely appropriate in some failing prompt=none cases, for instance interaction_required, consent_required., and session_selection_required He proposed that we generalize the text accordingly. I think he's right.

We could either go back to just saying that an error is returned, or we could strike a middle ground by saying that an error is returned, and that it will typically be from among the set defined in http://openid.net/specs/openid-connect-core-1_0-14.html#AuthError, such as "login_required". I think I prefer the latter approach.

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To: Mike Jones
Subject: Re: [Bitbucket] Issue #878: Messages Define "negative response" for id_token_hint (openid/connect)


Vladimir Dzhuvinov commented on issue #878:

Messages Define "negative response" for id_token_hint<https://bitbucket.org/openid/connect/issue/878/messages-2111-define-negative-response-for>

Thanks Mike, thanks Nat. We'll now make sure we use login_required for the negative condition.

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