[Openid-specs-ab] FYI: iOS6 changed custom schema priority rule

nov matake nov at matake.jp
Thu Oct 25 06:33:43 UTC 2012


When testing NRI's self-issued OP, I noticed iOS6 changed custom schema priority rule.

I have my own iOS app which registered "openid://" schema.
In iOS5, the FIRST app which registered a custom schema is given priority over the others which registered the same schema later.
So my self-issued OP is always used until uninstalled.

However, iOS6 seems changed the rule.
In iOS6, the LATEST app gets priority.
If an user installed 2nd self-issued OP, 1st one is never used until 2nd one is uninstalled.
It means after installed 2nd self-issued OP, the user loses accounts access registered by 1st one.

I have no idea how to avoid this issue now, but for your information.


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