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Thanks, Edmund!

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The keywrap algorithm takes n 64 bit blocks of plaintext and outputs (n+1) 64 bit blocks of ciphertext.
In this case, the CMK is 128 bits which is 2x64 bit blocks (or 16 bytes) . The ciphertext is therefore 3 x 64 bit blocks or (24 bytes).
When unwrapped, the first 8 bytes of the decrypted text should be [a6, a6, a6, a6, a6, a6, a6, a6]. It's used as an integrity check.


I have the same results.

-- Edmund

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The length of Encrypted Key
[164, 255, 251, 1, 64, 200, 65, 200, 34, 197, 81, 143, 43, 211, 240, 38,
 191, 161, 181, 117, 119, 68, 44, 80]
is 24 bytes or 192 bits. Why?


2012/9/13 Mike Jones <Michael.Jones at microsoft.com<mailto:Michael.Jones at microsoft.com>>
Could one or more of you please check the attached AES KeyWrap example that I plan to add to the JWE spec?  It uses "alg":"A128KW" and "enc":"A128GCM".  Both algorithms produce repeatable results, and so the example should be fully reproducible.

Like the previous updated examples, the format of the JWE is:
and the Additional Associated Data value for the GCM calculation is computed as:
               securedInput = encodedHeader + "." + encodedEncryptedKey + "." + encodedInitializationVector;

                                                            -- Mike

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