[Openid-specs-ab] Spec call notes 13-Sep-12

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Thu Sep 13 15:04:09 UTC 2012

Spec call notes 13-Sep-12

John Bradley
Edmund Jay
Andreas Åkre Solberg
Roland Hedberg
Justin Richer
Brian Campbell
Mike Jones
George Fletcher
Pamela Dingle
Nat Sakimura

Nat Sakimura

                Change to Registration
                Open Issues

Change to Registration:
                We are no longer overloading the client_secret to authenticate in registration
                                This changes authenticating to the registration endpoint for updating client parameters
                                John asks people to look at the changes that he just pushed

                Roland is setting up a number of OPs with different configurations for RP testing
                Roland is first getting the OP tests working properly
                                It's all up and running now
                Tomorrow Andreas and Roland will test against a few publicly available OPs
                Then tomorrow and the following days Roland will be working on OPs for RP testing
                The https://www.kodtest.se:8088/ OP is up and can be used for some positive RP testing
                                Roland and Mike will make a list of RP Tests that this can be used for
                                This will also have an extra port that will show results, when used
                Andreas' online test tool is not currently working with Internet Explorer
                                It now gives a warning if IE is used
                Andreas and Roland are syncing the back-end implementation with the user interface
                                They will then test known OPs
                Andreas wrote instructions on getting started with OP testing:

                Google sent room info for the IIW meeting
                John will set up the eventbrite page this week
                                We'll use a name something like connect-wg-Oct-2012

                It looks like Lucy can get us space for a Connect meeting Sunday afternoon in Atlanta

Other possible events:
                Kick wants to do an OpenID Event at Identity Next, which is November 20-21
                This would be more of a business event than a technology event
                John will try to work to have this come together

Open Issues:
                #651 Messages - 2.1.1 Last Paragraph - id_token
                                There is a thread about handling encrypted ID Tokens in this context
                                If sent encrypted to the OP, it will need to reencrypted to the OP's public key
                #650 Session - Dependency on Third Party Cookies
                                Nat recommends "Won't Fix"
                                We will say that session management is dependent upon inter-site communication through the browser
                                We will talk about this more at the in-person WG meeting

                John has checked in some edits
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