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I get that from a JWK point of view, but what is suppose to live at the end of the jwk_url  and jwk_encryption_url parameters of an idP or a client as far as section 4.2 in the Messages spec goes?  It doesn't make a distinction as to if it expects those urls to point to keys or key sets.  At the end of section 4.2 is states that if keys are supplied in both X509 and JWK format then the keys must be identical.  They can't be identical if one is a set and the other is an X509 cert with just one key in it so it seems to implicitly state that the jwk_url and jwk_encruyption_url params point to single JWK's and not a Ket Set.


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The top-level format continues to be an array of keys.  Individual keys can also be used where appropriate.  In the following example, an array of keys is specified:


     "mod": "0vx7agoebGcQSuuPiLJXZptN9nndrQmbXEps2aiAFbWhM78LhWx

In this example, a single key is specified:


The array format is used in contexts such as the key values retrieved for the JWS and JWE “jku” parameter where multiple keys may be specified.  The single key format is used in contexts such as the JWE “epk” parameter, where only a single key value is called for.

If this isn’t clear, feel free to ask a follow-up question.

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If I remember correctly the initial version of the JWK format specified the format as being an array of keys but the latest version of the JWK spec appears to have broken that idea out to where there is the key format and set format.

As both the client and the server have the option of providing signing and encrypting keys in JWK format are the urls for those keys intended to be a single JWK or a JWK set? Seeing how the specifications states that if both X509 and JWK urls are provided they must be the same key makes me believe that the url would point to a single key.  If it is a set how would one determine which key to use in the set considering that the set could contain a number of keys that are marked as signing or encrypting keys?


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