[Openid-specs-ab] Spec call notes 7-Jun-12

John Bradley ve7jtb at ve7jtb.com
Thu Jun 14 12:42:22 UTC 2012

I would be happier with username_hint as it will cut down on errors by people who don't read the spec.

I have had to deal with enough issues in openID 2 where RP don't read the spec do something stupid and the media blames openID.   I know we can't stop that completely,  but I know if it is called username in a year or so there will be a security incident,  that is not the specs fault but we will be blamed anyway.

If there is a good reason for calling it username I won't try to block it.  At the moment the logic is mostly that is what facebook calls the element that they put the users profile page subsegment into.

John B.

On 2012-06-14, at 11:35 AM, Vladimir Dzhuvinov / NimbusDS wrote:

> username_hint seems to reflect the claim purpose better!
> + 1
> Vladimir
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