[Openid-specs-ab] Spec call notes 11-Jun-12

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Tue Jun 12 01:37:29 UTC 2012

Spec call notes 11-Jun-12

Nat Sakimura
Mike Jones
George Fletcher
Brian Campbell
Edmund Jay
John Bradley
Pamela Dingle

               Doodle poll about claims_in_id_token
               #584 Messages - Username claim
               Edits and Release
               Open Issues

               Session Management
               Colorado meeting

Doodle poll about claims_in_id_token
               It looks like the best time is 7:00am Pacific on Friday, August 15
               Nat will send out an announcement for the special call

#584 Messages - Username claim
               Nat raised issues with Justin's proposed wording, which he will send to the list
               We could have a special call for this like the claims_in_id_token call, but want to see more discussion on the list first

Edits and Release
               John is making progress on the self-issued edits
               The new OAuth prohibition on colon (":") means that we can't use a URL as the self-issued client ID
                              We decided on hostname with an optional path component instead
                              There may be an issue for iOS custom schemas, which may not be able to contain a hostname
                                             Edmund will investigate

               There's a discussion on the JOSE list about a potential alternative encoding

Open Issues:
               We continued reviewing open issues left over from the last call
               #597 Messages - Use ISO 8601:2004 date for UserInfo.birthday?
                              There was no passion for this issue one way or another
                              Nat will try to elicit more discussion on the mailing list
               #360 Registration 2.1 - What is application_type (native, web) used for?
                              George added text to the issue, which we will discuss on the next call

Colorado Meeting:
               Pam will send a note to the openid-connect-interop list about the interop activities to occur in Colorado
               Pam will clone the OSIS OC3 interop to create OC4.  She and Mike will test it.

               Mike asked for feedback on his updated proposal for OAuth ABNF elements
               John agreed that username and password could safely be Unicode
               John pointed out that Basic allows HT, CR, and LF, but adding them would probably not help interop
               No one felt that non-ASCII characters were needed in client_id or client_secret
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