[Openid-specs-ab] Spec call notes 22-Mar-12

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Fri Mar 23 00:50:25 UTC 2012

Spec call notes 22-Mar-12

Mike Jones
Nat Sakimura
John Bradley
Edmund Jay

               Open Issues
               Issued on Hold
               Self-issued OP Prototype
               Paris Preparation
               Agenda for the Paris Meeting

Open Issues:
               #555 & #556 were typos - Assigned to John & Mike respectively
               #539: Messages - 0. Add scope for offline access
                              Deferred to Paris
               Brian Campbell's note on inconsistent treatment of id_token in access token response
                              He's right - filed #557

               John has done the issuer identifier change #513
               He's almost done with #554 - the registration parameters change
               Mike will send a note to Yaron after John finishes checkins and Mike does a release

Issues on Hold:
               Take off hold after release:
                              #41 Discovery - 6. Security Consideration needs to be written
                              #210 Registration - 4.1 No minimum required fields
                              #220 Registration 4.1. application_url (Normative)
                              #251 Example domain/host consistency
                              #257: Acknowledgements and other sections need review
                              #281 Obtaining claims without requiring additional round trips
                              #314 Basic, Messages - Semantics of "verified" not specified
                              #349 Standard, Messages - Substantial duplicated normative content
                              #352 Standard, Messages - More duplicated content (editorial)
                              #360 Registration 2.1 - What is application_type (native, web) used for?
                              #361: Registration 3.1 - Localization for application_name
                              #363 Registration 3.3 - Why must client_secret change with each response?
               Needs review after release:
                              #199 Messages - 5 underspecified use of signing and encryption
               We did not consider issues against the session management spec

Self-issued OP Prototype:
               Nat noted that we may want response_type=token id_token userinfo
                              where the userinfo results are returned directly as a JWT without another round trip
               We should consider this as part of the self-issued discussions in Paris

Paris Preparation:
               Mike needs to send draft of his presentation for review

Agenda for the Paris Meeting:
               We want the OpenID version of the Note Well
               We need to get an attendee list
               Give overview and goals
               Want to review Connect and its relationship with the IETF specs
                              Specs to finish
                              Compare discovery
               Describe interop work - John
                              OSIS site
                              Andreas's site
               How to build an RP - Nat
               Account Chooser
                              Play Eric's videos
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