[Openid-specs-ab] Spec call notes 14-Dec-11

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Wed Dec 14 22:02:51 UTC 2011

Spec call notes 14-Dec-11

Mike Jones
John Bradley
Edmund Jay
Nat Sakimura

               Update on dependent specs
               Open Issues
               Review Needed
               Implementer's Draft Next Steps
               Next call

Update on dependent specs:
               Mike posted new versions of SWD, JWT, JWS, JWE, JWK, and OAuth JWT Profile specs
               Incorporated review feedback from JOSE participants
               Next step to update the Connect specs to reference these versions

Open Issues:
               No remaining technical issues tracked at the start of the call
               Issues 405-413 were filed to track steps needed identified on the call
                              Mostly reviewing existing text
                              Also a few consistency changes needed
                              Edmund will produce proposed history summaries for inclusion in the drafts

               Nat removed all occurrences of "Identity" from normative text
                              Mostly became either "identifier" or "identify" or removed

Review Needed:
               Reread text on verification of ID Token in Basic to make sure that it's consistent with Messages
               Review Check ID Endpoint text
               Review the "Identity" removal text

Implementer's Draft Next Steps:
               Nat completed his report
               Next steps to complete drafts, e-mail contributors and members
               Nat determining whether there are more legal contacts or not

Next call:
               Tomorrow same time as today's call:  12:30 Pacific to hopefully vote out finished specs
                              These times are Thursday 12:30 PST, Thursday 21:30 CET, Friday 5:30 JST
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