[Openid-specs-ab] Little more feedback

Johnny Bufu jbufu at janrain.com
Tue Jul 12 01:20:03 UTC 2011

On 11-07-11 03:44 PM, Pam Dingle wrote:
> UserInfo:
>     * section 2.2 - the description of "must return a subset" and "may
>       return additional attributes" seems to conflict to me.

It looked like a conflict to me at the first read too; however, I 
noticed that the wording after the MUST is that the response "*contains* 
a set of claims that are a subset".

So a subset of the defined claims MUST be included with each response, 
extra claims MAY be added as well.

The MUST is however superfluous given that the empty set is a subset of 
any other set. Intent was probably that the response MUST contain a 
non-empty subset of the defined claims.


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