[Openid-specs-ab] JSON Token spec work at IIW

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
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Yes, as described at the end of http://self-issued.info/?p=361, the participants decided to not support multiple signatures for the compact serialization but to support them for the JSON serialization, just as Nat and John's earlier specification did.

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Hi, experts.

I'd like to know if token expression for multiple keys(signatures) was discussed or is to be discussed.
JSS by =nat and John.B describes multiples signatures for JSON serialization, but not for Token serialization in their spec.

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2010/11/10 Mike Jones <Michael.Jones at microsoft.com>:
> I've now finished my series of posts on the JSON token spec work that 
> occurred at IIW.  For reference, they are:
>   - JSON Token Spec Results at IIW on Tuesday:
> http://self-issued.info/?p=361
>   - JSON Token Encryption Spec Results at IIW on Wednesday:
> http://self-issued.info/?p=378
>   - JSON Token Naming Spec Results at IIW on Wednesday:
> http://self-issued.info/?p=386
>   - JSON Public Key Spec Results at IIW on Thursday:
>  http://self-issued.info/?p=390
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