[Openid-specs-ab] Spec Call Notes 26-Oct-20

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Tue Oct 27 00:09:32 UTC 2020

Spec Call Notes 26-Oct-20

Mike Jones
Nat Sakimura
Tom Jones
Tobias Looker
Kristina Yasuda
Edmund Jay
Adam Lemmon
Tim Cappalli
Kim Cameron
Bjorn Hjelm

Self-Issued Identifier
Errata Status
Open Issues

Liaison Report
              Nat asked about the W3C
                           WebAuthn L2 is review for CR
                           Kristina reported that Reuben finalized the text but hasn't signed it yet
                           Nat will touch base with Mike Leszcz about status
                           The DIF DID Auth work is paused
                           The DIF SIOP work is moving to the OpenID Foundation
                           Tom said that the DIF Identity Discovery (ID) WG is considering how to get control to wallets

OpenID Workshop
              The OpenID Workshop is Wednesday, October 28th at 9am Pacific Time
              Register now if you haven't already!

              The second virtual IIW was last week
              Tobias had a session on OpenID credential providers
                           Tobias is going to try to retrieve the recording
              Kristina had a SIOP session
                           They talked about wallet invocation and the NASCAR problem
              Sam Goto talked about WebID
              Mike Jones gave an Introduction to OpenID Connect talk
                           The talk is posted at https://self-issued.info/?p=2130
              Tobias saw lots of evidence of convergence among systems and people

Identity North
              This will be at the same time as the OpenID Workshop
              Nat recorded a recorded presentation

SIOP Discussions
              Tobias summarized some of the recent SIOP discussions
              He used a short deck to drive his talking points
              Among other topics, he discussed identifier portability between providers
                           Nat commented that the MODRNA WG has experience with identifier portability
                           Nat said that MODRNA provides account porting - not identifier portability
                                         Mike said that this is like the OpenID 2.0 to OpenID Connect migration spec
              Tobias said that subject types and subject identifiers might be used
                           See https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-ietf-secevent-subject-identifiers-06

Aggregated Claims Draft
              Edmund reported that they're wanting additional reviewers

SIOP Requirements
              Kristina asked whether any requirements should be removed
              Nat said that we don't want to remove any requirements at this time
              Nat asked Tobias if he had any requirements to add
              Tobias suggested that we extend the protocol in a way that both SIOP and standard OPs can support
                           Mike said that claims providers should be usable by both kinds of providers
                           Kim said that SIOP is creating a user-in-the-middle scenario
                                         With independent claims providers
                                         Claims provision can be refactored
                           Nat said that we can decompose OPs into Identity Providers and Claims Providers

Next Call
              The Pacific-friendly call is now weekly
              The next call will be a week from now
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