[OpenID] General questions about 'checkid_immediate'

Lukas Rosenstock inbox at lukasrosenstock.net
Tue Jan 30 20:39:56 UTC 2007

> 1.) Is this because lots of RP's are leading off with a checkid_immediate?
> Or is this functionality simply something that my OP is doing, and unrelated
> to 'checkid_immediate?

This is completely unrelated. If an OP asks for user input usually 
depends on a session cookie.

> 2.) The spec mentions a Javascript example for "checkid_immeidate".  How
> does an OP authenticate a user for an RP *without* user interaction on the
> OP side?  Doesn't the user have to "do" something on the OP first (like
> login, or mark an OP as "trusted").  

The idea behind checkid_immediate is, that if the OP is not able to do 
the signin without user input he will not present a login page but 
simply fail.

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