[OpenID] Teenagers do not need OpenID

Dan Libby danda at videntity.org
Mon Jan 29 20:52:23 UTC 2007

On Saturday 27 January 2007 13:52, Scott Kveton wrote:

> Let's say you have a list of friends on network A ... That list is made up
> of their OpenID's.  If you go over to network B and it supports OpenID, you
> could import those friends very easily.  The concern that Dave and others
> have stated is about permission from your contacts to move that data from
> network A to network B.  Based on how users are using the Internet today, I
> think this would be an extremely handy function to have.
> I'm with Dick on this one.  I'd prefer to make technologies that help make
> users lives easier.

I guess I'm with Dick on this one too.  I've just added mostly automatic foaf 
and hcard import to Videntity.  Read about it here: 

Note that is for publically available files only.

Regarding getting permission from contacts, I think that's a bit silly.  In 
real life, I can *claim* to know anyone I like, even a famous person. But 
unless that person also claims to know me, its just that, a claim.  From a 
technical standpoint, it's also tricky. Most foaf files with foaf:knows do 
not even export contact data for the remote end of the relationship.


Dan Libby

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