[OpenID] Teenagers do not need OpenID

Marcin Jagodziński marcin.jagodzinski at gmail.com
Sat Jan 27 20:40:10 UTC 2007

> Let's say you have a list of friends on network A ... That list is made up
> of their OpenID's.  If you go over to network B and it supports OpenID, you
> could import those friends very easily.  The concern that Dave and others
> have stated is about permission from your contacts to move that data from
> network A to network B.  Based on how users are using the Internet today, I
> think this would be an extremely handy function to have.
> I'm with Dick on this one.  I'd prefer to make technologies that help make
> users lives easier.

In your scenario friends are users of network B? And the whole problem
is that when importing, friends are just imported and not asked if in
another context they want to be your friends?

I think its fair to import them if they will be noticed about it
("post factum") and have the "break relationship option". Something

"X, your friend from Fooster has just join Barspace and added you as
friend. If you don't agree, click here, and you'll be disconnected".

I wonder if next step for social networks will be "outsourcing" of
networking. Networking model is simple and can be reduced to few
"cases" described in FOAF (or sth similar) files and stored outside of
MySpace-alikes. User centric networking, isn't it logical next step?
Friends are part of my identity.

What are the basic patterns in relationships? I'm no expert, but the
variables are: consent (bilateral consent or unilateral) and
disclosure (only for unilateral relationships, should the other node
know or be noticed that I added him as my friend). So there are 3
cases "bilateral consent", "unilateral consent with disclosure" and
"unilateral consent without disclosure". And there are contexts
("Fooster", "BarSpace", "BazBook") There is certainly a possibility of
building a "OpenSocialNetwork" server which would provide add/remove
people to/from your social network. Well, maybe I'm just dreaming :)



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