[OpenID] Teenagers do not need OpenID

Paul Madsen paulmadsen at rogers.com
Sat Jan 27 14:50:17 UTC 2007

How might the friend's wishes be collected and recorded so as to inform 
my later actions? Different friends will certainly have different 
expectations as to what is appropriate. Should I just remember? post it 
notes by the laptop?

And, once recorded, should such wishes be ignored by the 'LinkedIn 
Export Friends Mechanism' (or the Orkut Import Friends Mechanism') ?


Martin Atkins wrote:
> Paul Madsen wrote:
>> Hi Scott, I think you are missing Dave's concern.
>> Your contacts , as a slice of your identity, are special - there are two 
>> users in the relationship who will have an opinion on moving your data 
>> from LinkedIn to Orkut, you and your contacts.
>> In this case, simply making things easier, without ensuring there are 
>> sufficient controls for both users to consent and control, is not a step 
>> forward.
> If you can't trust your friends to respect your wishes in this regard, 
> I'd argue that you need better friends.
> This is a social problem, not a technological one.
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