[OpenID] Teenagers do not need OpenID

Scott Kveton scott at janrain.com
Sat Jan 27 01:14:38 UTC 2007

>> +1 ... Its fascinating that someone in the identity community can be so
>> missing the reality of the situation.  Millions upon millions of users on
>> MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc share their data in little closed silos
>> already.  Why not help these users do it in a fashion that gives them more
>> control and leverages web "standards"?
> You're missing the point I'm making Scott. Yes, I have an account with
> LinkedIn and you can list all of my contacts - all of whom are also members
> of LI as has to be the prerson doing the looking. But if I now open an
> account with Orkut are you really thinking that it's right that I bring over
> all of my contacts and their data to the new site? How is that privacy
> enabling? How is that user friendly? How is that in keeping with the 7
> Laws??

If I make my contacts public (which I do on LinkedIn) I would _love_ to be
able to take that list with me to a photo/video sharing site, blog or wiki.
Especially if its done using a defacto standard akin to XFN or FOAF to do

Its user friendly because you're making the life of users easier by doing
this.  Privacy is a voluntary affair; if I don't want my contacts public, I
don't have public contacts.

And since when were we in the law enforcement business on this list?  Are
you saying we should _dictate_ how users use the Internet?

Dave, I think we're going to have to agree to disagree here.  I understand
that _you_ would not want these things.  Personally, I'd prefer to make
users' existing lives easier with open technologies.

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