[OpenID] Ok Here's What I'm Asking

Scott Kveton scott at janrain.com
Tue Jan 23 17:38:31 UTC 2007

Note: that should be myopenid.com.

- Scott

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There might be a little bit of misunderstanding. There isn't a specific "OpenID Name" or handle. Your identifier is a URL. So, if you pick www.myopenid.net as your OpenID provider, and "mousy" isn't being used by someone else on that provider, then you can have it and your identity URL becomes mousy.myopenid.net

If someone on myopenid.net already has "mousy", then you have the choice of either switching OpenID providers (so, try to get mousy.pip.verisign.com or something else), or changing your preferred name (mousy1.myopenid.net).

Hope this helps clarify things,


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On Jan 23, 2007, at 9:10 AM, Doe Serena Cochran wrote:

	     There is a particular name I would like to have as an OpenID name.

	     I’ve already asked twice and no answered.  So how do I know that the

	     Name I pick is not used by 20,000 people in different ways?  Ya know?

	     For instance, Mousy might be the name, it isn’t, but it’s an example but 20,000 people+ may havke Mousy, Mousy0, Mousy1,2,3,4,5,----Mousy1000

	And then it starts like this Mousysoda, then Mousysoda1 Mousysoda2 to 1000

	Then it’s MousylovelyAnn, Mousylovelygene you see where I’m going with the main name Mousy.  So if I pick the one name is that ok?  I certainly do not

	want to get sued.  Can anyone there help me over here?  Thanks a bunch~~Doe Cochran


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