[OpenID] Social whitelisting with OpenID

Martin Atkins mart at degeneration.co.uk
Mon Jan 22 07:56:58 UTC 2007

Simon Willison wrote:
> I've written up a proposal for an OpenID social whitelisting  
> mechanism, whereby blogs can publish lists of OpenIDs that they trust  
> not to be comment spammers. It's mostly meant as a demonstration of  
> the kind of interesting things you can start to build once OpenID  
> becomes more widespread.
> http://simonwillison.net/2007/Jan/22/whitelisting/
> As always, comments are welcome. I'm really interested in the idea of  
> using OpenID as the basis for simple trust networks.

I like the concept, but I think enumerating all of a site's whitelist 
entries won't scale on bigger sites.

Last week I hacked up the following draft:

It's a very simple protocol for querying whether a URI is a member of a 
group without enumerating all of the members of the group.

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