[OpenID] OpenID and phishing (was AnnouncingOpenIDAuthentication 2.0 - Implementor's Draft 11)

Simon Willison simon at simonwillison.net
Sat Jan 20 00:47:31 UTC 2007

On 20 Jan 2007, at 00:26, Gabe Wachob wrote:

> It is entirely possible to use, for example, token-based  
> authentication that isn’t susceptible to the same phishing attacks.

If by token-based authentication you mean those little RSA keyfobs,  
I'm pretty sure they're still just as susceptible to phishing as a  
username and password. In a phishing attack the fake authentication  
screen can act as a man-in-the-middle, so when you log in to it using  
your token the attacking site can use the information you provide to  
log in to your identity provider at the same time.



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