[OpenID] OpenID for non-HTTP applications?

Bob Wyman bob at wyman.us
Wed Jan 17 18:04:53 UTC 2007

My apologies if I've missed the appropriate discussions somewhere... But, I
would appreciate it greatly if someone could comment on the problem of
getting non-HTTP applications to use OpenID. For instance, I'd like to use
OpenID for things like my identifier (JID, username, etc.) in Jabber, POP,
SMTP, FTP, Gopher, etc... But, many of these protocols are well established
and resistant to change. Also, protocols like Jabber/XMPP and SMTP extract
useful routing information from the ids that they currently assign to me. To
these applications, identifiers are not simply opaque strings. (For
instance, in both Jabber and SMTP, my id includes the name of my server.)

My guess is that there is a small set of standard "patterns" that non-HTTP
applications would need to support in order to support OpenID. Have these
been defined or otherwise discussed?

bob wyman
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