[OpenID] Exchange could be a strategic error -- if done now rather than later...

Dick Hardt dick at sxip.com
Tue Jan 16 06:40:15 UTC 2007

On 15-Jan-07, at 3:17 PM, Bob Wyman wrote:

> On 1/15/07, Dick Hardt <dick at sxip.com> wrote:
> > From threads on the ID Gang list, it would seem you are
> > supportive of the URL based attribute schema approach.
> Errrrr... We're not supposed to mention discussions on the ID Gang  
> List off-list... :-)

My apologies if there was too much disclosure in my email.

> But, in any case, *yes* I am very supportive of the general concept  
> of URL based attributes and fine-grained attribute exchange between  
> applications based on mechanisms which allow the expression of  
> semantic and syntactical relationships between attributes.
> I am, however, somewhat concerned that something which should be a  
> general technique is being defined as an "identity-specific" method.

We need a global mechanism for an RP to request an attribute from an  
OP that the RP has never communicated with before and that the RP  
gets the attribute (user permitting) requested.  Agreed a mechanism  
for the expression of semantic and syntactic relationships is  
interesting in general, I would be happy with some simple semantics  
and syntactics of the attribute itself as a starting point so that we  
can solve real problems that we have today.

Is there a fatal flaw with the approach?

Is there related work going on somewhere else that we should be  
taking advantage of?

btw: I am referring to Attribute Exchange, not to be confused with  
Martin's OpenID Exchange proposal.

-- Dick
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